Choosing Your Magical Name

The first and probably easiest method for choosing a name is by simply looking one up. A person can choose a name based on qualities they possess and want...

High Magic | What Are Solomon’s Seals?

The Seals of Solomon are magical talismans attributed to the biblical King Solomon. They are purported to be extraordinarily powerful in Ceremonial Magic, but many different magical practitioners use...

The Earthing Movie: The Remarkable Science of Grounding (full documentary)

1 "The Earthing Movie: The Remarkable Science of Grounding" is directed by Sundance Award-Winning filmmakers Josh and Rebecca Tickell (The Big Fix, FUEL, etc). This is a feature-length documentary based...

Isisopolis | She Has Risen

In my area, yesterday was the helical rising of Sirius. Alas, we had cloud cover. BUT. This morning, it was clear, so I got up at quarter to four,...

A short video note: What is a magician?

1 Visit the post for more. Source: A short video note: What is a magician?

DMT, Pineal Gland & The Piezoelectric Effect | Dr. Joe Dispenza

1 Dr. Joe Dispenza provides us with a detailed explanation on how to contract the muscles of our body in unison with our breath, in order to accelerate the flow...

Astrology | Don’t Stop Believing 

The Leo Sun and Neptune in Pisces are in quincunx aspect. The Ego doesn’t sense what the Soul sees and feels. Source: Don’t Stop Believing Astrology

Astrology | The Ancient Art and Science of Awakening Consciousness: Virgo

Virgo—the zodiacal sign of the virgin—is a beautiful zodiacal sign that has a very profound esotericism. When we study...

Isis Rising 2020

One of my favorite tarot images: Isis as The Star in the Ancient Egyptian Tarot by Clive Barrett It is getting to be that time. That time when She...

How To Use Hair In Witchcraft

Hello everyone and happy midweek to you all:) Hair is something that is fairly easy to obtain and its a way to add various types of energy into your...

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Magic | Your Magical Diary

0 What's the idea behind writing a magickal journal? Why would you choose to? What's the best way?

Who Was the Real King Arthur – Awaking Arthur – Timeline | Prymal Fyre...

  I think I already shared this one a few months ago but have returned to it as I have been diving much deeper than...

Theurgy | Egyptian Book of the Dead: A Magical Guide to the Egyptian Underworld

The Book of the Dead is not a book per se, but rather, a corpus of ancient Egyptian funerary texts from the New Kingdom....
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