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Taken from the Latin word for “breath,” and like breath, spirit is considered a fundamental part of being alive….

You Are Your Reality – Alan Watts

https://youtu.be/1veg7C_7LuM You Are Your Reality by Alan Watts is part 2 of the Out of Your Mind series and its about personal development and self actualisation. Happiness, wisdom and self...

Alchemy | Alchemical Poem by Ainsworth

From Chapter XIII 'The Magic Ring' in William Harrison Ainsworth's novel Crichton, London 1837. I. Within the golden portal of the garden of the Wise, Watching by the seven sprayed fountain, the Hesperian Dragon...

Spagyrics | Scientists transform water into shiny, golden metal

  In a mind-mending experiment, scientists transformed purified water into metal for a few fleeting seconds, thus allowing the liquid to conduct electricity. Source: Scientists transform water into shiny, golden metal   RELATED...

Alchemy | A Mystical Philosophy – H. Spencer Lewis

Rosicrucian H. Spencer Lewis writes: Intuition is unlearned knowledge. The mystic is one who has a profound insight into this unlearned knowledge that springs...

Like Tablets of Thoth?  Check Out Our Home Base:  The Sanctuary of Horus Behdety

  "Righteousness is the Owner of Power", said of Horus by the God Shu Source: Sanctuary of Horus Behdety

Women Of Alchemy | Anaïs Nin

“I, with a deeper instinct, choose a man who compels my strength, who makes enormous demands on me, who does not doubt my courage or my toughness, who does...

“Doing Things” for Isis

This is concept art from Exodus; an imagined Egyptian royal palace. It looks hot, like it is in Portland right now. Those of you who have been following this blog...

Isis & the Ankh

Egyptologists still aren’t sure what the familiar oval-and-cross shape originally represented. Some believe it has sexual symbolism because some ankhs have what appears to be a female pubic triangl…       Source:...

Pathworking | Perfect AIR – Slow Shaman Drum & Wind Chimes – Heart Chakra...

https://youtu.be/vhPJjq19egM Slowly inhale and exhale the Air with the strong intention of balancing Your Heart Chakra (anahata chakra). When it is balanced, you can freely give and receive love, feel...

The Inquisition, Alchemists, Astral Projection, and Jinn Science

We are in a time when, fortunately, one can publicly talk about esoteric issues, in the light of day or in the darkness of the night. However, it has...

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Offering to Isis: Fall EQ 2021

Although I have had weird phenomena happen with offerings—for instance, once an entire two-ounce packet of incense (you DO know how much two ounces...

She is Risen

This is not what I saw this morning As it often is in Portland (especially when I want to see the rising of Her...

Black magician Aleister Crowley’s early gay verse comes to light

Notebook of poems written by heartbroken occultist in 1898 to be exhibited at antiquarian book fair in London Source: Black magician Aleister Crowley's early gay...
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