Introducing … The Green River Alchemical Society

POSTED ON AUGUST 27, 2020 Retort Issue 4 And More The fourth issue of the Green River Retort is up on the Newsletter page. This week, we take a look at...

Astrology: The Ancient Art and Science of Awakening Consciousness – Cancer

Let us now delve within the mysteries of the sign of Cancer in accordance with Esoteric Astrology.  Among the Egyptians, Cancer is the zodiacal sign related with...

Photography | 26 award-winning underwater photos reveal the magical worlds beneath the ocean’s surface

Underwater photography often requires navigating choppy waters, unpredictable creatures, and treacherous depths to get the perfect shot. The Underwater Photographer of the Year...

Photography | Godform Masks

Godform | HORUS Godform | ISIS Godform | ANUBIS OF THE EAST Godform |...

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Offering to Isis: Fall EQ 2021

Although I have had weird phenomena happen with offerings—for instance, once an entire two-ounce packet of incense (you DO know how much two ounces...

She is Risen

This is not what I saw this morning As it often is in Portland (especially when I want to see the rising of Her...

Black magician Aleister Crowley’s early gay verse comes to light

Notebook of poems written by heartbroken occultist in 1898 to be exhibited at antiquarian book fair in London Source: Black magician Aleister Crowley's early gay...
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