Mass Grave of Ancient Race of Dwarfs Discovered – ROBERT SEPEHR

1 The Moon-Eyed people were said to be a race of small people that, according to Cherokee legend, were blinded by daylight, but able to see in moonlight, who only...

Astrology: The Ancient Art and Science of Awakening Consciousness – Cancer

Let us now delve within the mysteries of the sign of Cancer in accordance with Esoteric Astrology.  Among the Egyptians, Cancer is the zodiacal sign related with...

Introducing … The Green River Alchemical Society

POSTED ON AUGUST 27, 2020 Retort Issue 4 And More The fourth issue of the Green River Retort is up on the Newsletter page. This week, we take a look at...

Photography | Godform Masks

Godform | HORUS Godform | ISIS Godform | ANUBIS OF THE EAST Godform |...

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Horus’ Twin Sister

Warning: this post refers to rape in myth. Boy and girl Divine Children, enwrapped in the protective coils of Isis-Thermouthis and Serapis Agathos Daimon...

Current Events | Lost Languages Discovered in One of the World’s Oldest Continuously Run...

The centuries-old texts were erased, and then written over, by monks at Saint Catherine’s Monastery in Egypt Source: Lost Languages Discovered in One of the...

Full Moon : February 27, 2021 (Virgo Moon / Pisces Sun)

Full Moon : February 27, 2021 This lunation is also active.  Similar to the recent New Moon, the chart for this FM shows it...
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