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Recipes | Vegan Coconut Curry & Sweet Potato Soup

Sometimes soup is simply a necessity. When the bitter chill of winter bites and the pantry is stocked with odds and ends,...

Food | Guide to Healthy Protein Sources

Second to fat, protein is one of the most misunderstood and sometimes vilified sources of nourishment. Protein can be obtained from a...

Herbalogy | Elderberry Syrup

Elderberries are one of my most-used go-to remedies for cooler months. The dried berries of the Sambucus nigra plant are naturally high in immune-boosting compounds that...

Hermetic Alchemy | Reginald Scot on Alchemy – 1 of 3

Reginald Scot Reginald Scot's influential The discoverie of Witchcraft, (first issued in 1584 and reprinted a number of times in the 17th century),...

Theosophy | “Faust”, by Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, translated by George Madison Priest

DEDICATION Ye wavering forms draw near again as everWhen ye long since moved past my clouded eyes.To hold...

Western Mystery Tradition | Exploring The Eleusinian Mysteries

The Eleusinian Mysteries The Eleusinian Mysteries induced an “artificial crisis” in participants that effected a change in consciousness – metanoia. This occurred...

Photography | Godform Masks

Godform | HORUS Godform | ISIS Godform | ANUBIS OF THE EAST Godform |...

Godforms | Persephone (Greek)

Persephone is the Greek goddess of springtime, flowers, fertility, and young life. Persephone is the daughter of Zeus and Demeter and the...

Kabballah | An Overview – Part 1

In the Gnostic tradition, we seek to examine the practical utilization of all religious, mythological symbols, in order for us to harness...

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Offering to Isis: Fall EQ 2021

Although I have had weird phenomena happen with offerings—for instance, once an entire two-ounce packet of incense (you DO know how much two ounces...

She is Risen

This is not what I saw this morning As it often is in Portland (especially when I want to see the rising of Her...

Black magician Aleister Crowley’s early gay verse comes to light

Notebook of poems written by heartbroken occultist in 1898 to be exhibited at antiquarian book fair in London Source: Black magician Aleister Crowley's early gay...
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