The voice of all the worlds mystics, from Enoch to the Nazarene, all indicate to humanity the Way that must be trodden. This path leads away from the superficial and the material, from a world covered by veils to the realm of ultimate reality.

Man has had enough life cut from its religious center and a quest for a new religious balance, a new spiritual deepening must now begin. In no order of his activity can he carry on any longer merely on the surface, living a purely external life.

Now the disciples of the world are facing new heights of spiritual possibility. Here also stands a weary world, humanity as a whole, worn and distraught, bewildered and restless, yet conscious of divine potentialities, visions and ideals which evoke a hope and a refusal to be defeated for all have the opportunity of eventual success.

Deep calls unto the deep, and from out of the darkness and through pain and suffering, the Christ within will emerge, and humanity as a whole will stand ready to make the great transition into the kingdom of God.

Man can now pass on into the kingdom and commence in making spiritual history. Up to the present, all has been preparatory. The race is only today, for the first time, ready to take the great step on to the path of discipleship and of purification which precedes the path of spiritual enlightment.

The wise have ever emerged out of the rank and file and lifted themselves to the pinnacles of attainment, and so climbed the mountain of initiation. But today this journey becomes possible for the many.

The voice of those who have achieved, the clarion call of those who are initiate in the mysteries of the kingdom of God, make the next step possible. The moment is unique and urgent. The call is to the individual but also, for the first time, it is sounded in the ears of the many, for all are ready and able to respond.

Such is the condition now. The voices of the individuals who have entered into the kingdom call to the multitude today in no uncertain terms, though to some the awakening may seem a slow and arduous process.

Old truths enunciated by the worlds teachers and saviors are in the process of reinterpretation, to meet the ancient needs in new and modern terms and in a more vital way.

Those who awaken the spirits of men are holding the doors wide open, and through them mankind will be obliged to pass, rapidly if it will listen, or inevitably, whether it now hears or not.

Understanding gradually emerges in our consciousness. One of the interesting things which we find as we study the life of Christ and note how the divine plan for that life was progressively registered in His consciousness, is that at first He only dimly sensed what He had to do. The ideas developed as He grew older.

After the Birth at Bethlehem, His words to His mother were, “Wist ye not that I must be about my Father’s business?” (St. Luke, II, 49.)
He knew that He was ordained to work and to serve, but the specifications of that work were only later made clear to His mind. He simply recognized a Plan, and to that Plan He dedicated His life. This must also be done by those who wish to follow in His steps.

At this “end of the age” man stands before the door of opportunity, and, because he is in the process of discovering his own divinity, he will enter into the realm of real values and arrive at a truer knowledge of God.

The divinity in man must be brought to light, both in the individual and in the race, for only then can the kingdom of God on earth be brought into being. The mysteries of the soul now confronts us, and through this experience we all must pass.


Peace be with you.


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